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Our Team

Dominic Choy

Principal and Chief ArchitectPrincipal and Chief Architect

Nathan Moran

CEO Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council
Dreamtime Park – Joint Venture Partner

Nic Manikis

Project Director

Lisa Annese

Diversity Expert

George Lemon

Government Relations

Lou Lewis

Indigenous Coordinator

Mark Ella Am

Dreamtime Park – Ambassador

Patrick Brookes


William Ash

Project Manager

Neil Gibson


Gerard Eakin

Finance Consultant

Alex Ostermayer

Legal Consultant

Peter Cronin

Development Consultant

David Byak

Technology Director

Paul Nichola

Cinematographer and Technology Development

Eddie Lim

Immersive VR Consultant

Robert Leung

Inbound Travel Consultant

Tony Mundine

Tony Mundine – Boxer

Professor Tom Calma

Rod Little

Co Chair
The National Congress of Australia’s first People

Ann Weldon

Wiradjuri Elder